Managed service provider providing remote IT support throughout Liverpool, Manchester and the UK

IT Support Contracts

Many companies across the UK don’t have an in-house IT support department, simply because they don’t need one. Problems are few and far between and IT staff can be expensive to employ. But when IT problems arise, they can be a real headache, and can cause some businesses to grind to a halt. With this in mind, FJC Systems Ltd are dedicated managed service providers and can act as your virtual IT Support Department for a low, fixed monthly cost. As one of the leading managed service providers, we specialise in providing remote IT support to many businesses throughout Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington and across the UK.

Our UK-Based Support Centre has technicians with a wealth of experience who aim to solve your IT headaches when they arise. Better still, if the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, FJC Systems Ltd will send an engineer to you within an agreed timescale.

Our support solutions can be tailor made to suit businesses from all backgrounds. If you would like more information about remote IT support in Liverpool, Manchester and across the UK, call our sales team today on 01695 550907 to get a quote on professional, cost effective ways to protect your business from an IT disaster.

Managed Services

The FJC Systems Ltd framework manages each client's infrastructure, network components, servers, and users' desktop PCs - remotely, comprehensively and transparently.

VoIP Solutions

Linksys 962VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way to make phone calls using the internet as the transmission method, rather than a landline. You can make and receive calls from other VoIP users, mobile users, and people with ordinary landlines. The integration between any ordinary line and VoIP is complete and undetectable to callers.

VoIP can be implemented in several ways; from a software program on your computer used with a headset and microphone, adaptors used with regular analogue home phones or you can use dedicated VoIP phones. These look and act like regular phones but have specially designed chips to improve call quality.